Aluminium profile market of Ukraine (2016-2020)

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Number of companies in the analysis database: 1021

Number of Pages: 52

Research company: BFC

Language: Russian

File Format: PDF, PPTX, XLSX


The purpose of marketing research:

  • Determination of market capacity
  • Identification of the competitive field, competitive segments, strengths and weaknesses of the sector, price dynamics
  • Determination of the structure of the commodity supply in the market – import and production by companies
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1. The main trends in the development of the global market
2. Analysis of the general characteristics of the Ukrainian market
2.1. The range of products on the market
2.2. Market capacity in dynamics
2.3. Influence factors
2.4. Domestic production. Import. Export.
3. Competitive analysis
3.1. The main market players, their shares; profile analysis
3.2. Working conditions (terms of payment, delivery).
4. Consumer analysis
4.1. Consumption sectors
4.2. Segmentation and structuring of consumption;
4.3. Specificity of demand in various segments
4.4. The effect of seasonality on consumption (seasonality cycle analysis);
4.5. Demand drivers
5. Price conditions and pricing factors
5.1. Price segmentation
5.2. Price dynamics of major competitors
5.3. The main pricing factors
6. Development forecasts for 2020-2022
6.1. Barriers to entry into the industry
6.2. Consumption trends forecast. Related markets (construction, commercial real estate, metallurgy, engineering).
6.3. Forecast of market capacity for 2020-2022

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